4 Resource Planning Tools For Businesses

April 21, 2022by James Ogunjimi0

Resource planning has to do with getting the resources or tools needed by individuals or businesses to start and finish a project.

When we talk about resource planning tools then, we are referring to the softwares, devices, products that make it possible for individuals or businesses to manage a project effectively.

Let’s quickly review 4 of them:


At Conclase, we use Notion and it helps us manage our team and our work across different departments.


This tool makes it possible for teams to work together across departments and time zones.

Microsoft Planner

This tool owned by Microsoft is also a project management tool and it helps teams to work together and makes tracking progress easy.

Toggl Plan

This tool helps small and growing teams to plan timelines and manage projects. It makes setting project timeline expectations and keeping to it easy.

At Conclase, we manage loads of tech projects internally and for clients and excel at them. If you will like to talk to us about your tech project, email info@conclase.com.ng or click here.

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